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Women's History


Through our work with school districts and our own endeavors to increase educational material surrounding women's history, we have several lesson plans, articles and other resources. Please feel free to utilize these materials to further expand women's history in education, as long as you credit our organization.


No matter the career, there are several exemplary female role models. However, many are overlooked and their stories go untold. The purpose of this resource is to give young girls a role model in whatever field they are interested in. Read, learn and teach using these write-ups, which highlight the accomplishments of an outstanding woman in each career. Write-ups are released weekly, so stay on the lookout for new features! All we ask is that you credit us when using these resources, as we work really hard to create each one.


Many women's history timelines on the internet cover long-past history and don't include recent years. To fill this gap, we have compiled a timeline of recent defining moments that have represented a step forward for achieving gender equality.


WEAR Organization is proud to partner with many organizations dedicated to women's history! Please check out some of their amazing women's history resources as well! 


Unladylike2020 is an innovative multimedia series featuring diverse and
little-known American heroines from the early years of feminism and
contemporary women who follow in their footsteps.

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