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WEAR organization was founded by Prasidha Padmanabhan in August of 2020 in an effort to write women back into history, and combat sexism through education, advocacy, and fighting for women's rights. Fueled by passionate students and led by Prasidha and the Executive Board, WEAR has members ranging from middle school to university level education, who all want to make a difference, and fight for gender equality. We are also an organization that includes members internationally, in countries like Portugal, Brazil, UK, Canada, and more!

Sexism and misogyny stem from many things, and the lack of education about women's history, rights, and issues, only furthers the problem. Through a unique approach, WEAR organization is dedicated to promoting equality through fixing our educational curriculums and ensuring that women are recognized and learned about from a young age. Along with our educational projects, we also aim to combat the problem of sexism and gender-based discrimination through advocating for women's rights. 

WEAR is passionate about bringing women back into curriculums and fighting for gender equality.


FCPS Storytellers

Founder/President Prasidha Padmanabhan and Executive Board members Vani Gupta, Aashna Johri, and Shivani Kanjerla were interviewed for Fairfax County Public School's StoryTellers podcast.

The USA's # 1 ranked, Thomas Jefferson Highschool for Science and Technology news team interviewed Founder/President Prasidha Padmanabhan for their "Women's Day 2021" feature.