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Currently, All Proceeds are Going to Helping India with the current COVID-19 Crisis

Care-Package Initiative Details: One of the initiatives we are working on is a Care-Package Initiative. We will be going to women's shelters and donating hand-assembled care-packages and boxed products of toiletries, menstrual products, sanitary products, self-care items, and more! We are very passionate about this initiative, however products are extremely expensive, and we appreciate any support you can give!

Donate below, every dollar counts!!

Currently, all proceeds will be going to helping and supporting India with the current COVID-19 Crisis. Use the buttons below or on our ongoing issues page to donate to help us support India. 

Sanitary Products

Soaps, shampoos, wipes, sanitizers, etc are all products we buy for our care packages

Menstrual Products

Periods, Tampons, soft wipes, Cups, are all products we buy for our care packages

Self Care Products

Lotions, Hair care, skin care, self care essentials are all items we buy for our care-packages

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Buying each set of products is expensive, and as a student-led organization, it is very difficult! Donating and helping us out with this important initiative would be greatly appreciated!

Please consider donating, even a dollar as every dollar counts! We appreciate you so much!