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To access our educational materials, please visit our resources page to learn and teach about women's history!


Women and girls all around the world face discrimination and obstacles in their classrooms solely due to gender. In addition, they are underrepresented in the fields of STEM and have drastically less involvement than their men counterparts. This leads to teachers being more likely to call on boys rather than on girls in a classroom environment. Similarly, women's history is not as emphasized in schools. For example, a 2018 report from the National Women's History Museum found that "state standards do NOT address the breadth and depth of women's history, and that women's experiences and stories are not. . .

Children in School Bus
Image by Tim Mossholder
Image by National Cancer Institute


In order to address the lack of women's history in education, WEAR is working in collaboration with school districts all across the country, creating lesson plans, teaching guides, and other materials for schools to utilize. By creating meaningful and interactive lessons and projects, we are hoping to spark a passion for women's history in students as well as teach the overlooked names and marginalized stories of women.

So far, we have achieved profound curriculum change in our local school district, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and have since expanded to working with school districts on a national scale. Beyond our partnerships with school districts, we also have a wide variety of educational materials available to anyone who is interested in learning or teaching women's history. To access such materials, please visit our resources page.

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