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To help us fight the issues faced by women, please visit our donations page to learn about our current initiatives and contribute if you are able to!

Image by Lindsey LaMont
Image by Maria Oswalt
Image by Natalie Hua


Advocating for women’s rights and gender equality is not only not a top priority, but is also often thought of as unnecessary, harmful, and “radical" by societal classifications. Simple things like promoting and advocating for equality through being a “feminist” have become thought of as radical and organizations with these ideas are defunded.  The stigma around women's rights movements and gender-equality movements cause people to believe that they are unnecessary and not fund or believe them, as well as actually hate on. . .                   


In order to advocate for women and dispel the stereotype of feminists, WEAR utilizes our many platforms to address current issues affecting women and raise awareness about gender inequality and sexism. We create resources, infographics, links, etc. to inform about these issues. Beyond our educational initiatives, we have initiatives aimed at reducing the issues faced by women today. For example, one of our ongoing projects is creating care packages for local women's shelters. If you are interested in providing monetary support

in order to help us get critical supplies and products to victims of domestic violence, please visit our donations page to make a contribution. Every dollar counts!

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