Our Petition

Our petition advocates for the representation of women & women's history in Fairfax County Public School curriculums.  With over 3300 signatures, we are gaining support and working towards integrating more women's history into FCPS curriculums! 


We are holding webinars to address the importance of advocating for women's rights. Furthermore, we discuss the realities of the barriers women face on an everyday basis.  In addition to public webinars, we are also planning to conduct school webinars. Our recent webinar was on December 22nd with influencers Amy Jo as well as Clara Janover. We have another upcoming webinar so be sure to check out our calendar for more information soon!

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Care packages

We are currently fundraising in order to raise money to purchase essential products such as soaps and menstrual supplies for women's shelters. Make sure to check out or donations page to donate money to help our cause. Every dollar counts!