WEAR Executive Board


Prasidha Padmanabhan

Founder and President 

10th grader at TJHSST

Prasidha founded WEAR Organization in the summer of 2020, after watching people debate online over repealing the 19th amendment as if basic women's rights were disputable. When trying to understand how people could still doubt the necessity of women's voices, Prasidha realized the education system never properly addressed the contributions and indispensability of women throughout history. Starting with a petition to integrate more women's history into FCPS curriculums, which now has over 5000 signatures, Prasidha founded WEAR Organization to tackle sexism through education, advocacy, and rights! 

As a woman of color Prasidha knows firsthand how hard it is to find adequate representation, let alone equality in today’s world. Knowing the amount of daily and normalized discrimination, and inequality women face everywhere, motivated Prasidha to create an organization dedicated to fighting for gender equality through education, and advocacy. Even though she is still a sophomore in high school, Prasidha looks forward to passionately fighting for gender equality throughout her future!


Shivani Kanjerla

Web Master

9th grader at Fairfax High School

Shivani Kanjerla joined the WEAR organization to advocate for women's rights and representation in a variety of fields such as education, athletics, medicine, and in the workforce. In addition, she is deeply passionate about STEM, programming, and medicine and she would one day like to become a neurologist to create a positive change in this world. 

Becca Jeffries 

News Letter Correspondent 

10th grader at TJHSST

Becca Jeffries is a passionate environmentalist and activist who also enjoys acting, biking, and rowing. She joined WEAR because of her enthusiasm for women’s rights and desire to make a difference and elevate women’s stories and history.

Aashna Johri

News Letter Correspondent

10th grader at TJHSST

Aashna Johri is a sophomore at TJHSST who loves STEM, music, and basketball. She joined WEAR to educate others about women through her writing as a Newsletter Correspondent. She wants to advocate more for women rights, and believes that women deserve more recognition for their work in not only the past but the present as well.

Vani Gupta

Communications Liaison

10th grader at TJHSST

Despite the victories in history, countless women and girls around the world still face discrimination based on their gender/sex. Vani Gupta is a sophomore who joined WEAR in hopes of helping these women through research, advocacy, and campaigning. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and going on walks.

Christal Wang

Social Media Head

10th grader at TJHSST

Christal is a sophomore at TJHSST, who joined WEAR as the Social Media Head out of her interest for women’s history, and her belief that the discrimination that women face to this day is wrong and should be advocated for. She hopes that educating younger women will help them find their voice in issues like these, and that she’ll be able to tell the stories of forgotten women in history with all the enthusiasm they deserve. 

Sherry Yu

Business Manager

10th grader at TJHSST

Sherry is a sophomore at TJHSST who joined WEAR to help increase awareness of and solve the gender inequality, sexism, and discrimination that many women face today. They hope that, through the education of the younger generation and advocacy, she can help fight for women's rights and tell the stories of the many women, throughout history, who have been overlooked.

Garv Jain

Member Head

9th grader at TJHSST

Garv Jain is a ninth-grader at TJHSST who joined WEAR because he wanted to show that men could be feminists too, to show that feminism does not mean to put men down, but instead uplift women.