WEAR is Committed to Fighting for Equality

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WEAR Organization was founded to fight for women's equality, and that includes all women. Women of color, disabled women, and lgbtqia+ women have been historically underrepresented and systematically oppressed, and we aim to fight against that. By fighting for women, we aim to write all women back into history books, celebrate the overlooked contributions of all women, and achieve equality for every woman. 

We will always fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and all hate. One of our main initiatives is to advocate for women and their rights. By creating/providing resources, guides, and links, we hope to spread awareness about each issue and provide people with as many ways as possible to support each other and fight against hate.  

We will also constantly be updating this page, so if there is ever a issue you would like us to add, speak about, and compile/create resources for, please reach out!

India's COVID Crisis

It is no secret that COVID has hit many countries hard. The USA has seen over 30 million cases of COVID, and now that the numbers are decreasing as we get the country vaccinated, we need to turn our attention to a country that has recently been facing a COVID crisis. 

India has been a mass supplier of vaccines for the rest of the world. With the production and distribution of over 65 million vaccines to 94 other countries, India has been working hard to lessen the COVID suffering of many other countries. But now, a country that has been helping so many people across the world, is suffering immensely.

The death toll in India has surpassed 200 thousand people, and there have been around 360,960 cases logged in just 24 hours in the country. India is seeing 1 death from COVID every five minutes, mass cremations, overflowing hospitals, and an overall rapid decline in available healthcare. With the lack of supplies, hospitals, ventilators, and other mandatory tools to combat COVID, Indian citizens are watching themselves and their loved ones suffer. 

We hope you will use the link of resources below to educate yourself on the topic, donate, and see what you can do to help India fight COVID. 

WEAR is fundraising for India, so if you would like to donate please do so with the buttons below (All proceeds will be going to India and organizations supplying necessary healthcare materials)  : 

Click Here to access our linktree and compiled resources with links to make direct donations to other organizations supporting India. 

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Anti APPI Hate

The AAPI community has long suffered hate crimes in this country, however, recently there has been a rise in hate crimes with COVID misinformation. Resources below:

Since COVID hit the USA, many government officials began calling the disease names like "Kungflu" and "Chinese Virus." This disgusting behavior and spread of misinformation contributed to an increase in hate towards the AAPI community. 

Hate crimes against the AAPI community began spiking during quarantine with Asian American-run businesses being targetted, APPI citizens reporting hateful incidents, and mass shootings. On March 16th, a white man (Robert Long) shot and killed 8 women, 6 of whom were Asian Americans. Instead of bringing these victims justice, police forces labeled this hate crime as a "bad day" for the suspect. These kinds of hateful incidents against members, especially elders, of the AAPI community, have continued to occur throughout our country’s history. With a spike in these crimes occurring recently, we need to protect Asian Lives now more than ever. We have created a linktree below with resources and guides to educate, donate, and take action against AAPI hate and racism. 

Click Here to access our linktree and compiled resources.

Image: https://www.russh.com/how-to-help-stopasianhate-where-to-donate-support/